Saturday, August 18, 2012

About Me - August 18, 2012, Back to Scrapbooking Basics

Back to the Basics 

Long gone are the days of scarcity … 
  • The days of digging through my kitchen drawers for that perfect sized piece of plastic ware to create a circle
  • The days of going to my boys to borrow their coloring books to trace images for paper piecing
  • The days of explaining the terms acid free, lignin free and archival quality to sales clerks

Now are the days of abundance… 
  • The days of drawers containing multiple trends in paper cutting system supplies in many shapes and sizes
  • The days of electronic cutting machines opening the paper piecing highway to hundreds of images at the touch of a finger
  • The days of archival quality band wagons at each venue of paper production in the industry of paper making worldwide

Where am I going with this nostalgic post…  I am heading back to the basics and remembering how much more work I was able to accomplish in my scrapbooks when I had less choices.  The pages were much simpler and plainer too.  Now I find myself overwhelmed at times with making choices; what paper cutting system will work the best for a photos crop, which cartridge to scan for the perfect image to go with a layouts theme, or which type of embellishment to add for that final touch. 

By now you are wondering why I seem to be heading in a negative direction regarding having too much.  No, quite the contrary.  I am right there with you, Christmas/birthday money or gift card in hand, when a new product comes on the market.  Typically, the new products are coming in to existence as a help in making things easier and faster.  I am veering in the direction of organizing and planning, both of which are time savers.  I am heading back to the basics.  I merely want to share the importance of grasping the idea of basics and making wise decisions in purchases.  For instance, shop based on a theme of an album you are going to be creating, ie. sports, school, Christmas, etc. 

In my personal craft studio you will find cubbies filled to the brim with themed plastic storage baggies, ie. Christmas, animals, camping, etc.  I have then made folders for my papers, ie. blue, red, white or Christmas B&T, baby B&T, etc.  Through the Close To My Heart way of product research and development, they do all this sorting and organizing for you.  As you thumb through the pages of the idea book, you will find themed papers, and coordinating colors in inks, papers, pens and embellishments.  Where they take it over the top is the stamp sets.  The CTMH design team works hard each and every idea book to create images that tie into the trends of the time and that tie into a personal expression of gratitude, love, hope, and that highlight the change of the seasons.

Going back to my last “About Me” post on the inspiration book “Make It From Your Heart, Volume I and Volume 2” I can now easily pull from these areas to create my layout based on the supplies called for in the layout instructions.  Thus, a means to get back to the basics by way of organizing and planning, and a positive end result of completing your scrapbooks more quickly and easily. 

I hope you are making plans to begin working towards completion of your family memories.  The final back to basics tip I have for you, this is probably the MOST important… your family cannot enjoy those photos/memorabilia and the memories that go along with them when they are contained inside a box. 

Enjoy your week! 

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