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About Me - August 25, 2012

First Aid/CPR preparedness… Are you?

I spent the day on Thursday at my required bi-annual first aid/CPR training, as a teacher of home economics.  Getting up at the crack of dawn to get to the training on time after almost 3 months with NO alarm clock set my mood to the negative side of the pendulum.  The brighter side of the pendulum was getting in the car with my co-worker/friend to carpool and having 25 minutes of “catch up” time.  It was also her birthday!

When we arrived at the doorway to the training there was a rescuAnnie lying on the table.  A real visual of the day ahead of us, a day of relearning the how-to’s of saving a person’s life.  An eye opening experience to the reality that there are not enough of us trained in this area to be there for the large percentage of people who do require CPR to stay alive, but do in fact die as no one stepped up to help them.  Yes, there is the flight or fight mechanism within each of us.  Which one are you?  If you are one who flees, why?  Are you not properly trained?  Why?  Are you one who fights?  Can you help that person in need to fight for their life?  Why? Are you or are you not properly trained?

I have been through this training several times in my teaching career of seven years and am still not sure of myself.  But, amazingly when I am set before one of the training dummies it seems to start to come back to me much like riding a bicycle.  I can only hope that in a real life situation I will choose the fighting side in me and help those in need of emergency medical care.

By days end my mood was swinging fiercely towards the positive side of the pendulum to stay.  What a feeling to walk out of the building knowing that I had once again taken the first step towards helping to save a person’s life.  Please think about the importance of you seeking out training in First Aid/CPR preparedness.

Here is a photo of me being the class example for how to treat injuries.  I had a compound fracture with a bad wound on my left arm, my intestines were hanging out of my stomach, I had a knife jammed into my right leg and my right eye had a pen lodged into it.  What a fun scrapbook page this will make J 
Enjoy your week!


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