Friday, August 31, 2012

About Me - September 1, 2012

As I was driving with my mom last weekend, we already noticed leaves changing colors and falling from the trees.  As a teacher that is a bittersweet sign.  The summer break will be missed, but the students will be welcomed with open arms.

At our school I am the co-advisor for our student council.  Every summer we have a barbecue a few weeks before the school year begins.  It is a time to brainstorm what our theme will be as a high school through a motivating, uniting and team building verse and catch phrase.  Visiting with the student council at this planning barbecue begins to get us all in the mood for a new school year.

The last few days have been work days for the staff.  It too becomes a time of motivating one another, uniting as a staff and team building as a school and as a whole with our students' families.  With the change in the colors of the leaves comes a change in our hearts to return to school once again.

As a parent, the approaching fall brings on a new to me bittersweet feeling as I will no longer have any children of my own attending our school.  My youngest son has graduated from high school (which is where I teach).  Thus, he will no longer be riding to and from school with me and he will no longer be sitting among the students in my classes.  He now joins his older brother in the college world.  It is so hard to let go, but yet again it is so exciting to see them becoming who they are going to set out to be.

And now begins a new chapter in my marriage.  Our nest is almost empty.  This is when we need to be exploring who we were a long time ago as a couple.  This too will show us changes in ourselves and who we have become over the years.

Yes, fall is upon us and with the change of seasons comes other changes in our lives or what I also like to call seasons.  Getting married is a season, having children is a season, children moving on is a season, going through hard times is a season and aging is a season, and so on.  The important part of these seasons is that you stop and breath to enjoy them.

Be sure to document the seasons of your life for all to see.  How are you doing on your challenge to be working on your families photos and memorabilia?  I keep doing a little here and there among my lesson plans.  Just stick to it.  I hope my posts are helping to inspire you.


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