Saturday, August 11, 2012

Technique Using Tissue Paper

Technique Using Tissue Paper

An idea taught to me by Lydia.  Using tissue paper and freezer paper. 

  1. Crumble up the tissue paper into a ball
  2. Flatten out tissue paper, not enough to straighten out the wrinkles too much
  3. Layer on an ironing board: scrap paper to protect ironing board surface, freezer paper with waxy side up, wrinkled tissue paper and a second piece of scrap paper to protect your iron
  4. With a dry iron set to medium heat, set iron straight down on top scrap paper and hold in one spot at a time to the count of 10, making sure the tissue is fusing to the waxy side of the freezer paper

  1. Once all is fused, cut to appropriate size for project

  1. Enjoy!

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