Saturday, August 4, 2012

About Me - August 4, 2012

Technology... how do we learn about all this without specifically going to college for direction on how to work through blogs, social media sites and online searching tools when our children are not around to help us? I am stepping out of the box... that is stepping away from just e-mail and Facebook (can we say that on here?).

Hopefully you have come to my blog from seeing my link on the Close To My Heart website, a business flyer, newsletter, word of mouth or some other source related to my new, but repeated, business as a Close To My Heart independent consultant.

You ask why repeated? Well, I was an independent consultant for Close To My Heart a few years ago. So far back that I was involved in the transition from DOTS/CTMH to Close To My Heart. I come back to this business with over 20 years of experience in teaching, demonstrating and creating with scrapbooking, card making and stamping. Prior to signing up way back when I had also been a demonstrator for Creative Memories, worked at a scrapbook store, and just taught on my own out of my home and told customers where to shop for good deals. I will never forget the day I received a phone call from Jeanette Lynton asking me, yes me, about a demonstrator album and how to go about using one in a demonstration.

After trying a little of this and a little of that, I ultimately gave my heart and soul to being a Close To My Heart independent consultant for several years. I was a stay-at-home mom who needed to be challenged and needed to supplement our income. Okay, honestly, to support my scrapbooking habit costs :-) Close To My Heart did that for us and we were able to send our children to private school K4-12th grade. Once the boys were in school full-time I began to seek out who Kim was as a person, not just a mom or a wife. With this desire I returned to school and earned both my Associates and Bachelor's degrees in Business Management and Communication within four years. Obviously this was the beginning to family life changing for us and it was not practical for me to continue in my business venture, so I did resign. But, I am back... and I have missed being here with you scrapbookers, card makers and stampers.

The consultant kit has arrived, I have touched each and every item in the box and am anxious to create wonderful scrapbook layouts, cards and gifts with you using such quality products. I have also completed the online Training Academy and have earned my PhD as an independent consultant! Yeah for me!

Hang in there with me as I become acquainted with this new social media format. I would like to make it a point to touch base with you on an every Saturday basis. I am a school teacher by day and crafter by night, so once September arrives my days will be filled with young students eager to learn from me. I teach 6th-12th grade study skills, art, home economics, yearbook, college/career and co-advisor for student council. I am also a city councilor for a town of 3700 people. Yes, a type A personality with an almost empty nest. My youngest has graduated from high school, is 18 and beginning community college in the fall on a full two-year free scholarship. My oldest will be entering into his junior year of college and lives out on his own. My husband is quite busy, so I have some time on my hands. What better thing to do with my time than create and demonstrate once again.

I hope I have made you feel welcome and shared some insight as to who is Kim Ferguson. Please introduce me to your paper crafting circle and let me know if I can help you in anyway with your paper crafting needs.

See you next Saturday!

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