Tuesday, August 7, 2012

About Me - August 7, 2012

Today I posted photos of three accordion fold cards I have created using the Cricut R machine and cartridges.  Please keep in mind, I am a new consultant and am beginning to create samples for you.  However, these are pre-Close To My Heart products.  I weighed the idea that it is important to show you some of my work and gain your trust in my 20 years of paper crafting experiences.

School is approaching and classroom preparations need to begin.  On my list are bulletin board headings, hall passes, and art projects.  That is when I bring along my Cricut R machine and Close To My Heart, Cricut R cartridges.  Together we have made the most boring bulletin board come to life.

As an art teacher and a person who loves color, I really like to dress up my classroom, which is all white walls, with a theme.  I really like monkeys and frogs, so they are all around the classroom in various forms (tissue box cover, wall borders, stuffed animals and so on).  My other passion... Camaros (1969 and 2010).  I actually have a Hot Wheels R collection in my classroom.  I have come to find that my students are interested in what my interests are, and over the years they have added to my collection in one way or another.

Seeing how getting to know me as a person has reflected positively in my relationships with my 6th-12th grade students, it is important that we have the same connection here on this blog.  I hope you have seen a little more of me today.  Have a great day!

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