Friday, August 17, 2012

Wall Collage

In March my in-laws celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  My husband let me take the reigns for how to decorate the reception tables.  I searched the Internet, of course, and found an idea for hinged photo frames for the centerpieces.   You will see that under the frames I placed a piece of gold tulle and scattered around some gold glass gems and 50th anniversary confetti.  Throughout the reception hall you could see my husbands family change over the years, including the addition of us spouses and 7 grandchildren. They were a big hit.

After the reception came the question... Now what do I do with all of these frames?  My next discovery was for a wall collage idea for assorted frames.  Hence the making of a piece of art for my craft studio.  You can purchase kits through your local craft stores, but I was up to the challenge of creating my own.

To begin, I had to remove the hinges from the frames which I had only used glue dots to stick them on.  Then I used a large piece of paper (the paper used in medical offices on the exam tables) to layout my frames in horizontal and vertical positions.  After I was somewhat pleased with the arrangement, I traced around the frames to mark their layout and used Post-it notes to mark the order of the frames.  I took the frames off the paper and strategically placed them to the side.  Then I taped the paper to the wall, measured where the nails should be placed for each frame and hammered them in, and then tore the paper off the wall.  The frames are now on the wall and I am going through my photos to find ones I would like to feature in my wall collage.  I will add some Cricut accents here and there as well.  Enjoy!

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