Monday, August 6, 2012


What to do with all your card creations?  If you like to write letters and can turn those pieces of artwork into a postcard, I have the best idea for you.  Postcrossing!“send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person somewhere in the world!”

My postmaster has a stamp club once a month, he featured Postcrossing at one of our meetings and I was immediately intrigued.  The fact that I could use my gift of card making and the joy of handwriting messages to communicate with others all over the world was exciting and I wanted in.

Visit their website  You sign up and immediately you are able to send five postcards and receive five back from either a national or international exchange.  I am now up to sending and receiving eleven postcards.  Sign up and meet people from all over the world.  Begin creating a scrapbook of all the people you are getting in touch with and mount your postcards for ease of looking through and preservation.

Be sure to read each persons specifications for what type of postcards they like to receive.  Keep in mind you will still receive and you can still send the handmade postcards.  You may want to keep a mix of handmade and store bought postcards handy in case someone is very adamant about not receiving handmade postcards.  I personally received both from all over the world.  I wrote specifically about Oregon on my postcards, ie.  state bird, state flower, highest mountain, state fish, state tree and on and on.

Happy Postcrossing!

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