Saturday, September 15, 2012

About Me – September 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Autumn!  No, not the season.  It is my cat’s birthday today; she is 14 years old.  Isn’t it amazing how our pets become a member of the family and almost human in their actions? We have a morning ritual, I let her in from her night out prowling and we both stretch our aching hips, she runs to the sliding glass door to intimidate the dog (Stuart) while I fetch his food, and then we begin our morning routine of getting me ready and off to work.  Every evening when I arrive back at home, she is waiting on the front porch with much to say about her day’s events, as do I.  She is a wonderful companion.

Throughout my life I have had many animals come along who have touched my life in such wonderful ways.  Each one has been scrapbooked to forever be in my memories.  All of the pets we have had since my boys were little are fully documented from the walking stick bugs, multiple snakes from the yard, geckos, cats, fish and dog.  Have you created a special album for your beloved pets? 

This week I challenge you to find the photos you have taken of Fido or Fluffy and create a layout honoring them as a special member of your family. 

Enjoy your week!

Can you guess why she is named Autumn?

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