Saturday, September 8, 2012

About Me - September 8, 2012

Week one of school is over...  How did you fare?  Was it your very first week of experiencing a first born attend kindergarten?  Was it your first week with your oldest being a senior in high school?  It was my first week of school having no more of my own children attending the k-12 school where I teach!  I now have two children in college.

I look at my classroom filled with excited students and think about the classes of students that are ahead of them in life.  I cannot help but ask myself, did I do my best for those students?  This yearly question gives me the personal challenge to step it up more each year.  As each year passes it can be easy to fall into a dull humdrum of teaching from what is basically a script.  As a type A person and easily bored, I need to change things up for myself as much as for my students. 

The Internet is wonderful for helping find things to challenge myself in planning out my lessons.  I have become so addicted to blogging; there are so many possibilities out there! I actually find myself overwhelmed with how much information I can pull from to step up my classroom teaching.  Blogging alone has been quite a teaching tool for me.  I have learned so much from researching how to keep my own up and going and refreshed for you viewers.  No one likes dull humdrum! 

Since I need to be devoting more of my time to classroom teaching, I may not be able to post on my blog everyday.  My goal is to keep you updated on the happenings with Close To My Heart as your Independent Consultant and continue to enter blog challenges to keep my ideas and creativity fresh.  Both of these focuses will give me avenues to do my best for you as blog viewers and customers. 

Let me challenge you to take time to create, it is easy to fall back into the busyness of the school year and not take time for you.  Make a point to research a craft idea a week and then set aside a day to actually create what you found.  Enter challenges to force yourself to get outside of your comfort zone.  How are you doing on scrapbooking your memories? 

Enjoy your week!

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