Saturday, November 24, 2012

About Me - November 24, 2012

I love tradition!

After dealing with a stubborn frozen turkey "Tom", we were successful in preparing and serving a wonderful traditional Wilson/Ferguson Thanksgiving meal.  You ask why stubborn... Tom was stuck in the freezer.  Tom had his bare wings and thighs pressed against the wall of the freezer and was not going to come out.  His last ditch effort to avoid being the meal.  My youngest son and I were literally putting our feet on the freezer for leverage and pulling on Tom's bag to pull him out.  No luck until the ice maker began to come with him.  Truly a memory I wish someone else was here to video record for America's Funniest Videos.

After the great success of pulling Tom from the freezer, it was time for a swim.  It never fails, my mom coaches me on when I should pull the turkey from the freezer to allow for thawing, but they never do in time.  Thus, we play in the pool (kitchen sink) for a few hours.  After finally thawing, Tom hit the sauna (325 degree oven) for about 5 1/2 hours.

By the way Tom, we won and you were soooo good, all 23 pounds of you! :-)

After Thanksgiving tradition... I was raised in a household where the Christmas tree was put up the day after Thanksgiving.  It is getting a bit harder to make that goal as my children are now young adults and in college.  Their mom is short and has difficulty putting up a 9' tree, yes a fake tree with pre-strung lights (a story for another time).  I am blessed in that my children, along with college friends, made a special trip to put up the tree last night.  We made the "day after" tradition by a hair.  Christmas tree up, check!

Oh yes, I always try my best at purchasing all my Christmas presents by the end of October.  Very, very close to success this year, but not quite.

Now we begin plans for December birthdays, there are a lot between the Wilson/Ferguson sides.  As you know, December 14 is the big one.  We pray my dad will see his 70th birthday on that day.

Enjoy your holiday preparations and celebrations.  Record your traditions for all to treasure.  Be there for the turkey pullers, tree choppers and package wrappers.  We all need traditions to hold on to.

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