Wednesday, July 31, 2013

About Me - July 31, 2013, One Year Anniversary with Close To My Heart as an Independent Consultant

Haha, I have to laugh as I remember sitting in my bed, just as I am now on a sleepless night typing on my very first blog post.  The uncertainty of what I was about to venture into was quite intimidating.  Especially since I knew then that the technical support from my computer generation kids was dwindling since my boys were both in college and not easily at my beacon call.  I was at least able to corner them in the car on the drive to and from school to get my questions in with minor interruptions from their devices, as I am a teacher at their private school.  Or rather, now their alumni.

Let me just say that I have found the answer to the "how"...  And yes, we can say it here...  YouTube videos!  I am amazed at the wealth of information available to us at simply typing in the correct words in a search bar.  Sometimes or rather a LOT of times even when I type in something wrong as I do not know what the exact name given is, I still end up going on some rabbit trail on a whole new idea or product.  My goodness have I ended up spending HOURS in front of my laptop watching YouTube and visiting blogs.  Do not tell my boys and do not look at the dishes sitting in the sink which they were repeatedly lectured about work before play.  :-)

The thought going through my mind for "why" I should do a blog was that it would be a backup to the consultant referral service on the Close To My Heart website, fliers I had handed out, newsletters, word of mouth, etc.  One year later I can tell you that the only ways I have promoted my CTMH business has been through the referral website, a year's worth of e-mailed fliers, one city newsletter ad, monthly CTMH electronic newsletters, personal monthly or more frequent e-mail updates, blog, Facebook and Pinterest.  My new found avenue has been Google +1.   I had that "I made it" feeling last week when I typed in my name along with Flip Flaps and I was about the fifth or sixth Googled website listed.  That is amazing to me and quite a personal boost to have come across that fact.  How very rewarding to me as an individual, however small to anyone else, it is huge to me.

Google me :-)

Through this technological "journey" this past year I have learned that I have the desire to continue to learn and grow in my knowledge of the social media highway.  Before heading off to bed tonight, the first time, I went on-line and ordered a tripod and microphone.  With my husband's encouragement, I am going to give my best at learning the world of teaching through YouTube videos.  I love to teach and share, as he was feeling the overwhelming sharing part when I would not let him go to sleep until all my thoughts were out on the table this evening about where to go from here.  Please join me for a second year as your Close To My Heart Independent Consultant, as well as, an all around paper crafter and whatever else we get ourselves into because I entered the wrong spelling or word in Google or YouTube search, lol.  I hope to meet you here to recap another year in August 2014.  Let's see what we can do in a year...

Enjoy the journey with me!

Please go back a year in time with me and read my very first blog post, About Me - August 2012

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