Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Roul Pat and Silpat for papercrafting - DeMarle at Home

DeMarle at Home - Roul'Pat and Silpat for crafters

My Roul 'Pat has arrived!  I am so excited to have a crafting surface that is not only non-slip, but all of my messiness will wipe away with ease.

Visit Jean Dyer, Independent Consultant for DeMarle at Home* for the wonderful Roul'Pat and Silpat.  It helps protect your work surface from inks and adhesives.  The residue left behind from any project you are working on can be wiped up by a cloth with ease.

Here are the choices of sizes available in the Silpat, purchase the one which fits on your work surface the best.  I prefer the larger size as I use a six foot table for my crafting.

Here are the measurements and price ranges for the Large, Medium, Small and Octagonal Silpats.

If you are seeking something with more heat resistance, the Roul'Pat is a great choice.  As far as the two products go, DeMarle recommends the Roul'Pat for crafters as it is resistant to heat so you can use your hot glue gun or heating tool on its surface.  Two year warranty, any cutting mishaps would void the warranty as they are not self healing mats.

Here are the measurements and price ranges for the Square, Rectangle and Mini Roul'Pat.

Please give Jean's website a visit to browse all of the wonderful DeMarle at Home products available for your home kitchen needs as well.  Products will be shipped directly to you. 

*I recommend you contact Jean with any questions you may have about the products, as I am not an independent consultant for DeMarle.

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