Saturday, August 31, 2013

National Stamping Month: September 2013, You Are My Happy Stamp Set Trio

National Stamping Month, You Are My Happy Stamp Set Trio

For more information, please visit my Close To My Heart website. Only available September 1-30, 2013 with a qualifying $50 CTMH order. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Close To My Heart Fabric Necklace Kit

We've Got Jewelry!

Close To My Heart has expanded their products to include jewelry making with their Base and Bling Wearable Crafting Projects.

A variety of lightweight fashion accessories are available which go well with the textiles and specially designed Base & Bling adhesive-backed jewels and accents.  I have created the Fabric Necklace Kit item #Z1905, $14.95 for you to preview.  This project took me about an hour and a half.  For a video tutorial, check out Lisa Stenz.

I still have a few supplies left over for future projects.  You will note there is a bottle of Liquid Glass.  Liquid Glass does not come with the kit, but I highly recommend purchasing a bottle for your Base & Bling projects for added adhesive.

I would love to share the how-to for this project.  Let me know if you would like to come to a Base & Bling workshop.  Leave a comment.

Enjoy!  Visit my CTMH website to browse our products and place an order 24/7.  When you order please "Join" Kim's Workshop and I will send you a thank you gift.

Base & Bling: Wear Your Creativity!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cricut Create A Friend YouTube video

I just received my new Cricut Create A Friend cartridge in the mail!  Love it...  I have always liked the Create A Critter and Paper Doll cartridges and think I will enjoy this one as well.  Be sure to purchase the universal overlay as any cartridge made from August 1, 2013 will no longer come with individual overlays.

Here's a quick video on the cartridge case, handbook and overlay differences.


WOYWW #221 - Signs of Back to School

Happy Wednesday to everyone!  Yes,  my desk is quite clean.  Only the signs of me checking in on my blogs and eating breakfast before heading off to work day #2 in preparation of the students' return next Wednesday.

A better photo would be of my classroom in its disarray.  There is much work to be done in both my classrooms. Join in on the fun of seeing what others are doing on their workdesks WOYWW #221 at Stamping Ground

Thank you all for such wonderful encouragement in the world of PAINT last week.  I will be returning to visit as many of you as I can before bed tonight.  Off I go...


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Final Week to Order and receive - August Stamp of the Month - FREE with qualifying $50 order

A Chocolate Affair

Place an order for $50 in qualifying Close To My Heart products in the month of August and receive the A Chocolate Affair stamp set for FREE (set of 16 stamps, $17.95 value)!  Visit my CTMH Independent Consultant website to see all of the wonderful new products now available in the Autumn/Winter 2013 Idea Book.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Change Up Your Make a Wish Layout

Make A Wish Layout - Artbooking

Monday night was scrapbook layout workshop.  The ladies created a layout from the new Cricut Artbooking cartridge, page 87 "Make a Wish", page 85 "Little Toes" and page 72 the leaf. I am also a huge fan of the Cricut Art Philosophy (AP) cartridge. This led me to even changing up the "Make A Wish" even more by adding the flower from page 21 and the cupcake from page 70 of AP.

Do you remember how to mask?  Masking was used on the small cupcake.  Here is a quick technique video on how-to "mask" in rubber stamping.

Here are the three versions I have of the Make A Wish layout from Artbooking:

Original Make A Wish layout

One of five variations I had available at workshop.

A fall twist to the Make a Wish layout

Products Used:

Please visit my Close To My Heart Independent Consultant website to browse and shop 24/7.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

About Me - August 18, 2013

Two week count down until school begins.  That means back to work for me... Not that I have not been working all summer, just not at the school or even a lot on school work.  It has been a great summer.  I had goals that I set prior to school ending in June, but they are not necessarily what I accomplished.  The one I did meet was trying to get to each tool I have in my craft room and at least try them out.  I believe I met that goal, some tools had way more than one use once I realized their value and ease.

How did you do on your summer goals?  Are you an organizer?  I was telling my husband tonight that maybe I should become a professional organizer since I seem to do way more of it than actual crafting.  Today I introduced a new addition to the organizational system of rolling carts and bins.  I acquired a new to me wire cubby system for my paper.  Now I just need to purchase more of the paper storage containers to put the different paper categories into.  Right now there is a mixture of the storage containers and manila file folders.

As you can see, I label the edge of the manila file folders with the theme of the paper it contains.  I also found the rolling cart on the left at a garage sale on Friday.  The drawers are the perfect size for the Close To My Heart acrylx stamp sets in their storage envelopes.  The other rolling cart I have had for YEARS.  It contains my cardstock strips, embellishments, scrap paper, adhesives and other miscellaneous items.

Of course this has caused a rotation of sorts within the craft room and a domino effect.  So, back to work to get the remaining piles put away before too late this evening.

Be sure to check out the Close To My Heart Organizers to assist you in getting your supplies and tools organized.  To have a look at the different sizes, here is a video by Lynn Como


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

WOYWW #220 - What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Art Class

Tic Toc...  Less than a week and I have to return to the walls of my classroom to prepare for the students to return on September 4.  Once again I am blessed to be able to teach middle/high school art.  The mixed blessing is PAINT.  I have such a phobia of paint splatters and permanence.  Today I did make purchases of the following paints: Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic and Gouache.  Now what?!  Please know I will be watching the workdesks posted on Stamping Ground's WOYWW #220 for signs of how to apply these mediums to my class.  There are a vast number of very talented artists around the world who post their work areas for all to see.  You are missing out if you are not following Julia Dunnit's WOYWW weekly challenge.  Back to research, art mediums and art lesson plans this time.

By the way, I now have three YouTube videos.  Thank you for your comments and support in my technology venture last week.


Roul Pat and Silpat for papercrafting - DeMarle at Home

DeMarle at Home - Roul'Pat and Silpat for crafters

My Roul 'Pat has arrived!  I am so excited to have a crafting surface that is not only non-slip, but all of my messiness will wipe away with ease.

Visit Jean Dyer, Independent Consultant for DeMarle at Home* for the wonderful Roul'Pat and Silpat.  It helps protect your work surface from inks and adhesives.  The residue left behind from any project you are working on can be wiped up by a cloth with ease.

Here are the choices of sizes available in the Silpat, purchase the one which fits on your work surface the best.  I prefer the larger size as I use a six foot table for my crafting.

Here are the measurements and price ranges for the Large, Medium, Small and Octagonal Silpats.

If you are seeking something with more heat resistance, the Roul'Pat is a great choice.  As far as the two products go, DeMarle recommends the Roul'Pat for crafters as it is resistant to heat so you can use your hot glue gun or heating tool on its surface.  Two year warranty, any cutting mishaps would void the warranty as they are not self healing mats.

Here are the measurements and price ranges for the Square, Rectangle and Mini Roul'Pat.

Please give Jean's website a visit to browse all of the wonderful DeMarle at Home products available for your home kitchen needs as well.  Products will be shipped directly to you. 

*I recommend you contact Jean with any questions you may have about the products, as I am not an independent consultant for DeMarle.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Update... Let's Get Patriotic - A Success!

Let’s Get Patriotic - A Success

Our thanks go to all of you that helped make this summer’s Let’s Get Patriotic campaign a great success! Many of you purchased these exclusive stamp sets that will help you honor and celebrate those who serve in North American armed forces. Because of those purchases, Close To My Heart was able to donate more than $35,000 combined to the USO and Canadian Hero Fund, two acclaimed military-services non-profits. Thank you for your effort in making this meaningful donation possible—keep up the great work!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Linking Artbooking to Cricut Craft Room

A how-to video on linking your new Close To My Heart exclusive Cricut Artbooking cartridge to your Cricut Craft Room.  You can purchase the new Artbooking cartridge from my independent consultant website at

This is only the second YouTube video I have made and the first video filmed and narrated by me.  Please be kind :-)

Here are the steps in written form for another way to link courtesy of Debbie Tuggle, Independent Consultant from Florida.  She goes into the Cricut website to register her Artbooking cartridge first.   My cartridge has not been registered with Cricut and I was able to do the steps I took in the video just fine.

If you do not already have an account with, you will need to create one as your first step. Once you are registered you can download the Cricut Craft Room (CCR) and install to your computer.

Now you are ready for the steps to link your Artbooking cartridge, as well as, other Close To My Heart (CTMH) Exclusive cartridges (Art Philosophy and Artiste).

1. Go to and log in
2. Click on the support tab, then on product registration
3. Check for the list of your registered products (My Products)
4. Click +Add tab (top right) and proceed to input Artbooking cartridge information
5. Type Artbooking in product box for a quick find
6. Type in serial number, purchase date and purchase location as "other" and "Close To My Heart" as where
7. Click save and you are done registering your cartridge

For the next part you need your Cricut machine -
A. Plug Artbooking into your Cricut, connect USB cable to computer from Cricut
B. Turn Cricut on as should your computer be on as well
C. Open Cricut Craft Room from your start button within your programs and log in
D. In the bottom pop-up tab under "filter" it starts up under "My Cartridges"
E. Click on the drop down arrow and find "Cricut Famous Friends" to see all three CTMH cartridges
F. Select Artbooking or whichever cartridge you are linking
G. Under the images for the cartridge, the first of the tabs on the bottom line click on "link"
H. CCR will recognize that your Artbooking or other cartridge is plugged in by way of pop-up
I. Click on "link my cartridge" option
J. Click "accept" for the user agreement

You should be successfully linked at this point.

I am waiting for Provo Craft to e-mail back to me regarding linking Artbooking to our Gypsy.  UPDATE - 8/20/2013 Provo Craft has responded and the update for Artbooking to Gypsy is still not available.  They recommend a period check back to see if it is available.  So, guess I will do that until I am able to link to my Gypsy.

Update - 8/29/2013, you can now link Artbooking to both the Gypsy and Cricut Craft Room.


What's New in Stamps with Close To My Heart

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bandana Quilt

Here it is!  The 9 bandana quilt (60" x 60") I have been quilting for a few days.  This will be taught at a JoAnn Fabric and Crafts kids class.  So versatile with all the available colors and designs you can purchase bandanas.

I did not find a 20" x 20" rotary cutting ruler, so my husband cut plexiglass for me.  I am thinking that the kids will only create theirs with the whole bandana.  We only have 2 3-hour classes to get this done.  That includes all steps - laying it out in a pattern, stitching the bandanas together, pinning the layers together, sewing the outer seam, turning and then stitch in the ditch.  Keep in mind, these are beginner sewers.

The original pattern calls for cutting all 9 bandanas in half corner to corner.  The middle and four corners of the quilt are to be two large triangles sewn together.  For the remaining four squares, cut the triangles in quarters and create a pattern to your eyes pleasing.  I would love to see this in only purple and green, my two favorite colors.  Maybe round two will be that :-)

Then layer the bandana top, batting and backing fabric fleece (flannel may be nice too).

Last week I taught week one of the bandana quilt.  It did work best for the younger group to sew complete squares.  However, you must keep in mind that a bandana is NOT a perfect square.  You can choose to stitch each row together and trim before attaching to the next row.  Or, we found that the 20" x 20" plexiglas rulers my husband cut were lifesavers.  (He says he used his table saw to cut them)  Square up all 9 bandanas BEFORE you do anything else, whether leaving them as complete squares, cutting in triangles or fourths.  CUT THEM SQUARE!  And be sure you have a sharp rotary blade.

I had the kids draw a tic tac toe pattern on scratch paper and label where they wanted their bandanas to be by color choice, especially helpful with a variety of colors.  This helped them know what they needed to add next within a row, as well as, helped me to be able to see what they needed next.  :-)  Remind them about right sides together.  This is a hard concept for them to grasp when they are positioning the bandanas for pinning purposes.  Save everyone the frustration of reverse sewing with a seam ripper.

Tomorrow is the final class.  We had some leave class without their tops sewn together.  I encouraged homework to get the tops done so we would need only layer, sew outer edge, turn right side out and stitch in ditch. I will update again soon.

Update Two:
Back again.  The two week class has ended and all but two (12 total) went home at least sewn up to the point after turning right side out.  So technically they are usable, there just may be shifting of the batting to an extent.  We did baste down two seams at the point where we layered the batting and bandanas (no fleece yet).  So, not a risk of too much shifting.

The final step after sewing shut the turning spot was to stitch once again in the ditch of all remaining seams. For the square tops, doable.  For the triangles... Not in the time allowed.

After experiencing the bandana quilt in a 2 3-hour session, my recommendation is to leave the bandanas in squares unless you know they are avid sewers and can do a lot of homework before the next week's class. This was not the case with my students.  Most do not even have a sewing machine at home.

The quilts are a huge hit. I love to see the students' excitement when they know they have done the work (a LOT or work).  The smiles on their faces leaves me with a warm heart and a thankfulness for my opportunity to teach.

Please feel free to comment, ask questions about my experience or share your ideas on how you have tackled a bandana quilt.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

WOYWW - Wednesday 219

Are you hanging in there with me?  I am working each day towards YouTube.  I now have my mom's tripod as ours is buried in the closet under the stairs.  I purchased the Joby Gorillapod, but the Amazon description and my lack of knowledge led me to blindly order this flexible tripod without the attachment for camera to tripod.  So, I awaited my mom's visit with large tripod in hand.  So it is now set up and camera is attached, but video taking is a new feature on this camera to me, so once again... research.  My Nikon Coolpix may come back out for videos in the meantime.

I also purchased a CAD microphone.  The let down of the tripod purchase has led me to take the Amazon box with the items purchased and received to wait in the corner of the craft room til the day I feel better about this decision.  No, I am not giving up, just furthering my research and knowledge.  Hang in there Nikon 3100, you too will be in action soon!

Thus, I have given you a glimpse into my research...  My WOYWW (What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, 219) entry for the week to Stamping Ground  hosted by Julia Dunnit.  This wonderful weekly blog welcomes you into the crafting world of those who leave themselves vulnerable by showing us their work areas.  A lot of creativity is flowing all over the world.  Check it out and join in.

To continue my rambling story, I did take on the challenge of at least trying out YouTube and researching what programs I needed to download and the basics tutorials.  I found I needed Movie Maker for my laptop.  Made it through the download process and made my first video using my paper crafting projects from my first year as a Close To My Heart Independent Consultant.  My biggest challenge was getting the music to run through the 14 minutes (yes, 14 minutes) of photos slide show.  DID IT!  So, if you have 14 minutes to kill give it a looksy

I cannot express enough how thankful I am for the networking highway and the many people who are so open to sharing with only the desire of being given credit for what they have shared.  My biggest inspiration has come from following a Stamping Ground subscriber and friend, Lindsey, The Frugal Crafter.  I also get a lot of information from At Home with Nikki.  Thank you both and to those of you who I have had the pleasure of visiting in my first two weeks here on WOYWW.  I feel guilty posting this on Tuesday evening, but I have classes to teach all day tomorrow at JoAnn's and not able to get this into the mix until late tomorrow. Thank you  Julia for WOYWW and your other acronyms to challenge us in many ways.  Until I see you on your blogs and next week.  Enjoy!

Cricut Artiste Page 31 Projects

Artiste Page 31 Key <1> and <!>

Spent the evening cutting out from the Cricut Artiste.  Again, you can see how much you can create with one key in a short amount of time.  These items are now ready to be embellished according to the event, person, etc. to which it will go to. 

Cuts from page 31, Key <1> <!>

Scrapbook layout using For Always Paper Pack

3 1/2" x 3 1/2" card and envelope

3D Object I made into a purse with the strip cut off of For Always for a handle.

3D object cut with Frosted Paper Pack

Envelope and tag cut with Frosted

Small storage case with all accents cut for future workshop mini books, cards or layout.

Stamp of the Month, A Chocolate Affair

FREE with a $50 product purchase through August 31, 2013

 Please visit my Close To My Heart Independent Consultant website to browse the idea book and order 24/7.  Enjoy!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Artbooking Happy Birthday Layout

 Artbooking - Happy Birthday Page 86

My favorite color combo is purple and green.  Here is a layout I made using the Cricut Artbooking.  I do tend to rip my papers out of their chipboard covers. So not quite sure where the background and texture paper is from.

August Stamp of the Month, A Chocolate Affair
Free with qualifying $50 order, available through August 31, 2013

Please visit my Close To My Heart Independent Consultant website to browse ideas and products.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Art Philosophy - Stamp Sets and Chipboard 1

Another 2-3 hours, 3 stamp sets and 3 chipboard sheets

To further challenge myself with the Cricut Art Philosophy Collection I moved on to cutting tags, banners and frames to use with the stamp sets included in the collection.  Here is the outcome after a couple more hours preparing for an informal Cricut get-together.

Tag page 50 (cut at 3"), flower page 39 (cut at 1 3/4" and stamped)

 Frames page 36 (cut 1 1/4"), page 43 (cut 2") and page 43 (cut 2"), presents page 60 (cut 2 1/4") then all stamped with stamp sets included in Art Philosophy Collection

Banner page 68 (cut at 3" and stamped)

Box page 21 (cut at 6"), Flowers pages 68 and 70 (cut at 2"), ticket page 25 (cut at 1" and stamped)

You're Invited page 26 (cut 1 1/4" and stamped), banners page 49 (cut at 2" and stamped), stars page 40 (cut 1" and stamped)

Enjoy!  Please visit my Close To My Heart Independent Consultant website to browse and shop 24/7.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

August Scrapbook Workshop - Birthday Layout

Join me August 19, 2013, 6:00-8:00

We will be creating this two page layout using the Cricut Art Philosophy and Artbooking cartridges and stamp sets. (Paper colors, textures may defer from photo)  Cost $10, or free with CTMH order on the night of workshop.

To register e-mail or call 503-881-6683 to register at least 3 days prior to workshop date.  Looking forward to seeing you at workshop :-)

If you are unable to attend, contact me to order the supplies needed to create on your own.

Please visit my Close To My Heart website to browse ideas and products 24/7.  Enjoy!

Cricut Art Philosophy Collection - / key

2-3 Hours and 1 key

Using the Cricut Art Philosophy Collection I was able to create all of these items.  I challenged myself to learn the capabilities of one key on the overlay.  I chose the <square6>/<Dragnflly> key on page 24 of the handbook.  They were all completed within approximately 2-3 hours.  Shop my website at

Box Band (cut at 6") and Dragonfly (cut at 3")

Dragonfly Stamp Card (cut at 4 1/2")

4 U Dragonfly Card (cut at 4 1/2"), "u" from page 37 of handbook

$ Postage Stamp (cut at 4")

Tag (cut at 6")

Middle dragonfly embellished with Xyron Create-A-Sticker and Prisma Glitter

Kiss Box (cut at 4 1/2")
The perfect size for a Hershey's Kiss

Enjoy!  Please visit my independent consultant website at to shop 24/7.  Thanks for stopping by.