Wednesday, August 21, 2013

About Me - August 18, 2013

Two week count down until school begins.  That means back to work for me... Not that I have not been working all summer, just not at the school or even a lot on school work.  It has been a great summer.  I had goals that I set prior to school ending in June, but they are not necessarily what I accomplished.  The one I did meet was trying to get to each tool I have in my craft room and at least try them out.  I believe I met that goal, some tools had way more than one use once I realized their value and ease.

How did you do on your summer goals?  Are you an organizer?  I was telling my husband tonight that maybe I should become a professional organizer since I seem to do way more of it than actual crafting.  Today I introduced a new addition to the organizational system of rolling carts and bins.  I acquired a new to me wire cubby system for my paper.  Now I just need to purchase more of the paper storage containers to put the different paper categories into.  Right now there is a mixture of the storage containers and manila file folders.

As you can see, I label the edge of the manila file folders with the theme of the paper it contains.  I also found the rolling cart on the left at a garage sale on Friday.  The drawers are the perfect size for the Close To My Heart acrylx stamp sets in their storage envelopes.  The other rolling cart I have had for YEARS.  It contains my cardstock strips, embellishments, scrap paper, adhesives and other miscellaneous items.

Of course this has caused a rotation of sorts within the craft room and a domino effect.  So, back to work to get the remaining piles put away before too late this evening.

Be sure to check out the Close To My Heart Organizers to assist you in getting your supplies and tools organized.  To have a look at the different sizes, here is a video by Lynn Como


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