Friday, August 9, 2013

About Me - August 9, 2013

I have been trying to get back into the groove of blog challenges.  You will see some of the posts from this week have been entered.  Challenges are a great way to get motivated to work on projects, as well as, try new techniques or tools. It is also a very good way to meet others with the same interests as you.  If you are not participating, please let me encourage you to give one a try.

Along the lines of blog challenges, stay tuned for a plan I am working on to challenge you, my paper crafting friends.  Once the details are ironed out, I will be presenting you with the plan and how to take action for participating.  We all need a nudge here and there to keep us working.

Woo Hoo! My newest adventure and nudge is my tripod and microphone which arrived yesterday  This is hopefully the beginning of my learning how to make videos and share what I am creating, techniques and tips with you fellow paper crafters.  It has been so rewarding to give the networking highway a go.  I have met some very wonderful people from all over the world and hope to meet many more.  It is such a gift to be able to share our crafting skills with others.  Thank you for what you share.  I can only hope I am doing the same for you.

I have still been focusing on my summer goal to at least try all of my tools once.  Here is the Xyron 5" Create-A-Sticker. I used it for a project which will post tomorrow on my blog.  It is wonderful, why have I not used it before?!  I also have the smaller version which is in the shape of an "X".  Not too sure what will be worth putting through it.  Any suggestions? 

Wait until you see the next two blog posts coming up on Saturday and Sunday.  I have begun to get some use out of my Cricut cartridges.  Thank you to my wonderful paper crafting pals who have shared the past two weekends with me in celebration of my one year anniversary.  You are all my inspiration and motivation.  I hope I am being a help to you as much as your hanging out with me is getting me motivated to get to my crafting table and create.


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