Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cricut Art Philosophy Collection - / key

2-3 Hours and 1 key

Using the Cricut Art Philosophy Collection I was able to create all of these items.  I challenged myself to learn the capabilities of one key on the overlay.  I chose the <square6>/<Dragnflly> key on page 24 of the handbook.  They were all completed within approximately 2-3 hours.  Shop my website at

Box Band (cut at 6") and Dragonfly (cut at 3")

Dragonfly Stamp Card (cut at 4 1/2")

4 U Dragonfly Card (cut at 4 1/2"), "u" from page 37 of handbook

$ Postage Stamp (cut at 4")

Tag (cut at 6")

Middle dragonfly embellished with Xyron Create-A-Sticker and Prisma Glitter

Kiss Box (cut at 4 1/2")
The perfect size for a Hershey's Kiss

Enjoy!  Please visit my independent consultant website at to shop 24/7.  Thanks for stopping by.

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