Thursday, August 15, 2013

Linking Artbooking to Cricut Craft Room

A how-to video on linking your new Close To My Heart exclusive Cricut Artbooking cartridge to your Cricut Craft Room.  You can purchase the new Artbooking cartridge from my independent consultant website at

This is only the second YouTube video I have made and the first video filmed and narrated by me.  Please be kind :-)

Here are the steps in written form for another way to link courtesy of Debbie Tuggle, Independent Consultant from Florida.  She goes into the Cricut website to register her Artbooking cartridge first.   My cartridge has not been registered with Cricut and I was able to do the steps I took in the video just fine.

If you do not already have an account with, you will need to create one as your first step. Once you are registered you can download the Cricut Craft Room (CCR) and install to your computer.

Now you are ready for the steps to link your Artbooking cartridge, as well as, other Close To My Heart (CTMH) Exclusive cartridges (Art Philosophy and Artiste).

1. Go to and log in
2. Click on the support tab, then on product registration
3. Check for the list of your registered products (My Products)
4. Click +Add tab (top right) and proceed to input Artbooking cartridge information
5. Type Artbooking in product box for a quick find
6. Type in serial number, purchase date and purchase location as "other" and "Close To My Heart" as where
7. Click save and you are done registering your cartridge

For the next part you need your Cricut machine -
A. Plug Artbooking into your Cricut, connect USB cable to computer from Cricut
B. Turn Cricut on as should your computer be on as well
C. Open Cricut Craft Room from your start button within your programs and log in
D. In the bottom pop-up tab under "filter" it starts up under "My Cartridges"
E. Click on the drop down arrow and find "Cricut Famous Friends" to see all three CTMH cartridges
F. Select Artbooking or whichever cartridge you are linking
G. Under the images for the cartridge, the first of the tabs on the bottom line click on "link"
H. CCR will recognize that your Artbooking or other cartridge is plugged in by way of pop-up
I. Click on "link my cartridge" option
J. Click "accept" for the user agreement

You should be successfully linked at this point.

I am waiting for Provo Craft to e-mail back to me regarding linking Artbooking to our Gypsy.  UPDATE - 8/20/2013 Provo Craft has responded and the update for Artbooking to Gypsy is still not available.  They recommend a period check back to see if it is available.  So, guess I will do that until I am able to link to my Gypsy.

Update - 8/29/2013, you can now link Artbooking to both the Gypsy and Cricut Craft Room.


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