Saturday, September 21, 2013

About Me - September 21, 2013

Oh where, oh where has Kim gone?! Well the answer would be that I have not gone anywhere, but the Wi-Fi router for our household of technology pretty much went kaput. It has been an issue for a couple weeks, but we had to pinpoint the issue starting with the Internet provider. Unfortunately, the cost was to us in the purchase of a new router.  Thanks to my son... we are back in "play".

In the meantime, I have been correcting school papers, reading leisure books, watching anime series/movies with my son and husband (I do like them, I have found) and fighting a sinus headache for several days. Thank goodness for the weekends and Wi-Fi routers! After a long week, my headache is gone and Internet is back. Now I need to create some paper crafting goodies.

But first, I have been enjoying one afternoon a week as a "Kim" time to just browse a store or two after work and have come across some fun items. (Wow, I did not have time to do anything while these photos loaded, before I had enough time to make dinner.  Oh how I love the new router!)

Ross Dress For Less finds: Holiday themed felt table runners, fake chains, 6"x6" scrapbook paper pack, boa and ghost salt and pepper shakers.

But wait, there is more: Strainer scoop, faux Halloween books, "Genie" lamp, mini baking dishes, parfait cups, pedicure set and nail clippers (only because the day I made this shopping trip a student broke a nail and I had NONE in my purse, what woman/mom/teacher/wife does not have nail clippers in their purse). The pedicure set was just cool looking with all the items it included for only $3.00.  This entire haul along with 5 very nice fall tops was only a little over $100!

The next stop was to Michael's to use a gift card  I had received. They have not been having any sales on items I particularly am interested in lately. So, it was not a great haul this time around. Stay tuned for another try at it on a "Kim" day.

Hope you are enjoying the transition into fall, which begins tomorrow September 22. My sinus headaches are my indicator it is coming. I must have some type of barometric pressure sensor.

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