Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cricut Create A Friend - Count Dracula and The Witch

Count Dracula and The Witch

I played with two new keys from the Cricut Create A Friend - #45 Count Dracula and #46 The Witch

Here is a video I created while making them. It is a video on how to use the universal overlay from Cricut to create the Count Dracula and Witch from the new Create A Friend cartridge, as well as, how to conserve cardstock, and how to store cardstock scraps.

Some questions have been coming up with regards to the cost effectiveness of the size reduction in packaging and the use of a universal overly. Are we, the consumers, truly benefiting cost wise from the change? I am not seeing it yet as the price of my most recent cartridge, Create A Friend, was at or close to what I had been paying before.  However, if you do not shop around and find it cheaper as I did, they are quite costly.

What is the cost of the Universal Overlay? $2.99 +S&H $2.99 +S&H
I have not searched at a retail establishment in my town for one yet. Therefore, I am not sure of their availability off the shelf, or their cost.

How does the cost of newly packaged cartridges compare with the older version of packaging? 
The Create A Friend cartridge is $31.99 +S&H at and $49.99 +S&H at at the time of this post. Again, I have not shopped for Create A Friend at a retail establishment in my town.

Please comment below on whether you have seen a significant price reduction in your most recent cartridge purchases as a direct result of the package reduction. This may be a case of "less is more" when it comes to what we are really going to end up paying for ProvoCraft's decision to cut costs on their end, but not on ours.


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