Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cricut Create A Friend - MVP Basketball Player, Key #9

Hanging out in my craft room this weekend working with my Cricut Create A Friend cartridge once again. I have shared with you before how I have my cardstock cut in 4x4 or 4x6 squares and ready to use when the moment hits me that I want to sit down and use my Cricut. I like to batch. When I first received the cartridge I cut out the bodies and hair. Now my focus is cutting each image out and assembling them all. Here are some photos of my process.

 All pieces cut out and separated by image ready to be glued

More of the images waiting to be glued. Yes, I love milk and need to be drinking my daily water.

Found a Tupperware celery keeper at Goodwill, perfect for storing the individual images until I glue them all.

Once they are glued, I sort them into plastic baggies until I need them for a layout or card.

Today's first completed image was from key #9 MVP basketball player.

How do you assemble your Cricut images?  Do you like to batch or work on an as needed basis?


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