Wednesday, October 23, 2013

HIp HiP HoOrAy (WOYWW #229)

Fellow deskers, I could not wait any longer. Once I saw Julia post this week's WOYWW #229, I had to post! I have made it through the Cricut Create A Friend cartridge, even made a YouTube video of each key's image. Now I am pondering, do I break out another cartridge and begin working through the keys, or create layouts for what is already cut out. With the flip of a coin (in my head)... I am going to just see how the mood moves me from day-to-day.

Here is the opposite side of my desk from last week. In the Tupperware celery container are all of the Create A Friend images ready for their final destination... layouts or cards. Yeah for me! Cheering the success.

I was sad my Halloween coffee mug was out of the frame shot last week. LOVE IT! "The Dancing Pumpkin" video is for me to preview for my mom. She is the volunteer librarian at the school where I teach. It is amazing what she and a friend are doing for the kids. Paper craft projects, games, story time and many other plans in the making. Their restraint... budget. We are a small private school. If you have any ideas, cheap, please do share! Oh yes, back to my description... my adhesive baskets made from clothes line on my sewing machine. My "dumb" phone only for texting benefit, no fancy features. My Cricut all snuggled and my scrap paper supply, as well as, my pencil collection.

If you are wondering what this rambling is about, check out Julia Dunnit's What's On Your Work desk? Wednesday #229

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