Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WOYWW #227 - In between again at breakfast time

This Wednesday you have caught me in between projects. Mostly due to the fact that I actually feel on top of things for my upcoming workshops... Now that I have said that in print, I pray my plans will not be jinxed :-) Here you are fellow deskers of the Stamping Ground blog hosted by Julia Dunnit my Wednesday morning photo of my desk.

The top photos shares my scrap paper table top bins for workshops, fabric covered Kleenex box, assorted adhesive rolls, pencils galore, buttons, ink bottles and more photos to be put in storage for the day I actually return to scrapbooking.  My main desk houses my computer, much needed light sources, paper stacks to be sorted and filed, along with pieces of leftover materials from Sunday's gathering.

Yes, you caught me having my breakfast of Real Medleys oatmeal cup and milk. Breakfast of teacher champions :-)

Have a wonderful week and I will be seeing you this evening when I visit your desks around the world.


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