Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WOYWW #228 - After effects of workshop tornado

Good Wednesday to all you deskers around the world.  My desk for WOYWW #228 a weekly blog for artists around the world hosted by Julia dunnit of Stamping Ground to share their work desks. My desk is not that exciting, in fact, it is a MESS. I have had a busy week and have gone from one task or event to another. When that happens I tend to drop one thing and go with another. The result...

There is a mirror image on the opposite side of my laptop. Piles of paper packs, plastic bags for packaging orders and cut images from the Cricut, a birthday card envelope from my birthday on Monday and my ever faithful cutters and X-acto kit.

Have a fabulous Wednesday! Thanks for coming by and saying "hi". I will be venturing around this evening to see how your desks are looking.


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