Friday, November 8, 2013

Flour Babies 2013

Freshman Career - Life Skills

As the college/career teacher, I feel it is very important that our students be taught life skills; cooking, sewing, cleaning, etc. We, as a school, are not able to afford the fancy electronic babies to teach our students the importance of taking care of a baby and the additional work it is to care for one. Our version, creating 5-pound flour babies that any parent would love.

To make this project two-fold, the students learn to sew on a sewing machine the felt arms, legs and head. These are then hot glued to a duct tape covered bag of flour (this helps prevent the explosion of the flour on the school campus). For the face, wiggle eyes and a pacifier with the nipple cut off. Hot glued of course.

Another technique they are taught is how to wrap yarn around a dowel, dampen the yarn and bake to make curls. Did you know this?!

The assignment: carry the flour babies for 7 days, journal te experience by sharing the expressions/reactions of people they meet, contact me every two hours throughout the night by text, e-mail or call (my phone is on silent :-) If a baby is not brought to school a paper will be written on child abandonment. If the baby is in any way damaged, a paper is to be written on child abuse. If any of the check-in points are missed throughout the night, paragraphs are to be written on childhood illnesses. The best part, enjoy the experience with classmates by having all-nighters, going to the movies, etc.

The 2013 class has 16 students and their first outing is to our area science museum. Surprisingly they are looking forward to carrying the flour babies around with them.

Great project! Check out their work below. Stay tuned for a family portrait...

Pattern Pieces for arms, legs and head


Trace pattern pieces onto felt, teach how to be frugal. They call me "Frugal Fergie."

Dowels for neck and support for stuffed head.

Stuffed head.

Wrapping flour bag with duct tape.

All pieces stuffed and ready to be hot glued onto flour bag.

Head and limbs hot glued to flour bag.

Curled yarn for hair, wiggle eyes and pacifier to complete the "baby."

All ready to see the world, clothed even down to a diaper.


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