Thursday, November 14, 2013

Scrapbook Club comment on... Ask a Crafter #14 Kelly and Lindsay

Scrapbook Club

I am an avid watcher of The Frugal Crafter, Lindsay. She is wonderful at showing us how to use crafting tools and techniques. She is also who I go to for art how-to. She speaks at a level to which we can all feel confident about going and doing something on our own for the very first time. Lindsay is also very open to questions and has put together a weekly YouTube video in which she answers followers questions.

How does this relate to me posting on my blog... She mentioned my post from her Ask a Crafter #13. A follower wanted to know about stamp/scrap clubs. Lindsay opened the comments up to posting any we knew about, well, I just so happen to have one every month. So, in this week's video she mentioned my post much to my surprise. It literally took my breath away to hear The Frugal Crafter, Lindsay, say my name in her video. That is how much I look to her for advice and admire her expertise.

Please view her video, visit her channel and see all that she is willing to share. This post is about her, so if you have questions and want more information about my scrapbook club check out the side bar, e-mail me or leave a comment below.

Thank you Lindsay!


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