Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WOYWW #231 - Shape and Form

What's on the work desks in my classroom?

Amazing... my high school art students have once again awed me. The assignment was to create eight of the same image using different forms and shapes from the elements of design; light, heavy, curved, rough, organic, geometric, soft, and angular. Once they drew the different versions, they were then asked to sculpt two of the eight from clay. Before beginning to sculpt, they needed to break down the image for what shapes and colors were needed. Here is one of the student's work. Love, love my job.

So, now I ask... does the work desk from school and the work of my wonderful students qualify? Well, here it is anyway. Felt the need to brag on my students and their wonderful work. What do you superior work deskers think?

Geometric version of the pumpkin

Rough version next to the geometric

Buildings - form of soft

What brought me to sharing this great work of art, well it is Julia Dunnit's Stamping Ground blog and her challenge to share with the world what is on our work desk.  Head over, make some coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy the looksy around. I cannot express how helpful it has been to be a part of this as a very novice art teacher.

I look forward to your visit and comments. Keep checking back as there are 10 students to try and share with you this week.


Fellow WOYWW'ers Laurart #110 to help her celebrate one year of blogging!

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