Saturday, December 28, 2013

Making Friends With My Silhouette

There really is no jumping in with both feet and just trying out a machine for me. I have to research, approach with caution, and try a couple things out. I think I may have jumped in a bit too soon. In the process I sat on my own foot. How does one sit on their own foot?! The answer, a tipped folding chair... Boy does it hurt. I was a bit nauseated afterwards, but kept on trucking along. I did not take a look at my foot until I was heading off to bed, took of my sock and oh my! It is quite bruised and sore.

The incident occurred while attempting to try out a two-page layout I ordered from the Silhouette online store.  I have not found any video tutorial for the "how-to" for a two-page download. Be aware that all of the elements are thrown onto the screen within Silhouette Studio in one big group. I began by ungrouping all of the elements and then began to fill color each piece for my own organization. Once all of the pieces were colored, I then began placing like colors on the "mat" to prepare for cutting. I was able to get all of the pieces on to four total cuts, less the photo mats which I can just cut to my own needs later.

My next dilemma was placing the cardstock onto the mat. All things were not squared off and I had to cut some papers at a diagonal. This too proved to be a challenge, but really the pieces turned out okay. I only need to cover up a few errors in my calculations for placement on the mat. Remember, there is always some way to cover up a mistake in paper crafting.

Now I am to gluing all the pieces together, I have dry placed them all and am quite pleased. My next challenge will be to figure out how to reduce the images all together to keep them all proportional. I have not found a truly good video demonstrating how to reduce the two-page layouts you purchase. As a reminder, all the pieces are all together on the mat once opened.

Here are the pieces all ready to be glued. Stay tuned... More research to come.

Do you have any Silhouette helpful hints? Please share below. Thanks.


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