Tuesday, July 15, 2014

About Me - July 15, 2014, Photo/Memorabilia Storage Organization

How I Organize My Photos and Memorabilia

I follow a great crafter, The Frugal Crafter, who is currently doing a scrapbooking series. She is basically rallying us all together to get back to scrapbooking. Be sure to check out her blog and YouTube Channel. You will not be sorry!

As a 20+ years scrapbooker, I have been feeling quite overwhelmed and behind in my scrapbooking. I had the best of intentions to have my two sons scrapbooks completed through high school by their high school graduations. Well, they both just had college graduations (one bachelor's degree and the other associate's degree) and the albums are behind back to 2005. What happened? I went back to school, we moved, I began teaching full time, etc. So the overall answer... LIFE. We all know this to be a fact. The best of plans seem to be based on being flexible and moving some things to the back burner. In my case, scrapbooks have been neglected and are burning up on the back burner.

I encourage us all to join in with The Frugal Crafter and pull out those photos and memorabilia once again and get to work. Get those photos off of your digital devices and into a source where they can be enjoyed by all. I distinctly remember teaching for many years to this same fact, however the phrase was to get the film out of their canisters and developed. So basically things have not changed, it is just a different format in which we are storing away those lovely memories and not sharing with our family and friends.

Here are my first steps after having my photos printed, which by the way, I am current in my printing. I begin with photo storage boxes and dividers. Be sure to label at least the first photo in a batch with the who, what, where and sometimes how. I prefer the chronological method, but some like to organize by themes (ie. birthdays, holidays). I also organize my memorabilia which will not fit into the photo storage boxes. I do this by sorting into date order in some sort of larger container, then I place the sorted memorabilia into plastic folders.

Once the organization is in place, it is easy to grab your photos and the coordinating memorabilia to start working on your layouts. The end result is a lovely shelf of completed scrapbooks. Another tip is to be sure to back up your photos on DVD's or other means by way of an external hard drive or the Internet. We used to keep our negatives, my advise then was to swap negatives with a family member or friend in case of a catastrophe in which the scrapbooks were damaged, at least the negatives were still around for reproducing the photos.

Hope this has helped get you re-energized to get back to scrapbooking those great photos you have so diligently been taking.


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