Sunday, July 6, 2014

About Me - July 6, 2014, Empty Nest

It has been a long time since I have just made a blog post "About Me". I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing in your opinion. There hasn't been any really exciting things to write about until now and that is our empty nest. Yes, our youngest son has moved out to prepare for college in the fall. Wow! the time has gone by fast and my head is spinning.

Once we drove away from our son's apartment, I recalled a feeling I had about 16 years ago when we had dropped him off at his K-4 classroom. "Now what do I do?" My "what do I want to do when I grow up" was always answered with "be a mom". I love being a mom and am so grateful for the Lord blessing us with two wonderful boys to raise. However, now they are to move on to become the men they are to be and that first big step is to fly out of the nest. This does not mean I stop being a mom, my role has just significantly changed in their lives.

So what will I do? Well, I am about 10 years behind in my chronological scrapbooking, fabric seems to be multiplying under my bed, and the exercise equipment needs to be dusted off and put to use. Oh yes, and there is my teaching career which always needs some fine tuning each year as my schedule changes, and I am in my final months of my 4-year term as a City Councilor. If I look to all of these things, I have plenty to do to keep my mind occupied. But, I will still be thinking of the boys and looking forward to opportunities we have to be together. It is just strange that they will be more like guests than occupants when they come home. After all, their bedrooms have become my craft and sewing rooms.

To all you moms, we must suck it up in front of our grown children. But, I will turn around and cry for the joy they have brought to me, and the pride I have for who they are, and be anxious for who they are still yet to become.

Josh and James, I love you!  Mom

Sons are the greatest joy and the most beautiful blessings!

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