Monday, August 11, 2014

About Me - August 11, 2014, Resume for Paper Crafting? Sure!

Paper Crafting Resume

A new item placed on today's list of "To Do's" was a resume makeover for our son. He is a college student in need of a job, actually both sons are. This got me to thinking about my resume and how current I keep it. Do you occasionally go back and check to see if your resume is current to the time period you are living, and the newest skills you have acquired. Did you realize that your crafts help you to gain skills?

The skills we gain from paper crafting can actually help us to obtain jobs in the crafting industry. There are positions at craft stores, craft manufactures, blogs, and YouTube just to name a few. As an Independent Consultant, you do not have to go through the interview process or submit a resume to join a company. However, the experience of being one will help you to go far.

Being an Independent Consultant for Close To My Heart has helped me to become the teacher I am in my career as a middle/high school teacher. When you are teaching something you love and want to share, you will transform in front of people. We love to share what we are passionate about. That's me... Passion for paper crafting.

I was an Independent Consultant long before I was an actual school teacher in my "daytime" job. This from a gal who failed at high school speech because I had to get up in front of my peers and speak. With maturity and passion, I have no fear of talking to a group of crafters about what I do and love. Once I realized that I do have a way of teaching and speaking, I developed a program for high school students and presented it to my current employer to bring back home economics. This is my ninth year teaching full-time! The courses I teach are home economics, college/career, art, yearbook and this year health. Can you see where my paper crafting skills have given me leverage in my teaching? It is certainly not only my degree in business, it is also the hands-on crafting skills I have acquired over my 20+ years of teaching paper crafting workshops.

You may not be at a place where you can quit your "daytime job", but you can still get out there and share your talent and love. I see design team calls all the time for various blogs and manufacturers. Put your neck out there and give it a TRY! Consider Close To My Heart for that spring board into sharing your passion of paper crafting.

If you are considering Close To My Heart, you can read more about becoming an Independent Consultant on my website. Below are photos of what comes in the consultant kit for either a passion for scrapbooking or card making. But who doesn't love at least a little of both?!

Let me know if you have any questions about a resume, teaching, or our products.

New Consultant Scrapbooking Kit - $99 ($365 retail value) to sign up

New Consultant Card Making Kit - $99 ($365 retail value) to sign up

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