Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Grandparents Day Card 2014

Back to school means card kits for my middle/high school art classes. I have been very blessed in several ways for this to happen each year. The biggest of them all is my mom, Lydia Wilson, who creates the kits for my students. She comes up with the card ideas, cuts all the pieces for 25 students, puts them all into individual ziplock baggies, and sends it our way. The first in the series of cards is Grandparents Day. Since it falls on the first weekend of the school year, we create the card on the first day of school. Here is this year's card.

Thanks mom!

Another blessing are the supplies people donate to my cause. I have a customer who has donated a lot of cardstock which is being used for the base of this card and the strip for the flower placement. There are others who have donated stamps, scissors, fabric, etc. to my classes. Thank you just does not seem to be enough for such generosity and support of what I do. But let me still say it:

Thank you family and friends for you support and gift blessings to our students!

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