Monday, October 13, 2014

Place Settings ?!

As you may know, I am a middle/high school teacher by day. The areas of which I teach in are college/career, yearbook, art, home economics and health.  Today in the 9th grade career class (life skills), the students were asked to create a formal place setting. Well, in my classroom kitchen I have very little traditional items of which you would find on a formal table. With that known fact, I challenged my 10 students to be creative with what they had available to them in the entire classroom. They met my challenge with the use of soup cans as cups, plastic lids as plates, notebook paper napkins, pots and pans lids for plates, and notebook paper plates.  Here are the results:

You can see they also used the cups we use in art to rinse paintbrushes.

You cannot find a regular plate in my kitchen, but you can find a glass relish dish.

A small gift box given to one of the students this morning worked as a cup.

The lid from a pot was used in place of a place, but the knife would not stay, so they taped it on. Kleenex makes a great napkin also.

A the final entry uses a pizza baking pan as a plate.

I'd have to say that my ninth graders are pretty creative. And yes, they did put the dishes all back in place. We are working on taking responsibility as well.  Some of the easiest to clean up were the paper plates and napkins which were just tossed in the garbage. Easy clean up.


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