Monday, July 18, 2016

Scrapbook Process - Christmas Memorabilia (July 2016)

Hi Paper Crafters,

Tonight I do not have any photos of my progress to share. Thus, I am going to begin a friendship with my tablet by posting today's entry from my new Samsung "something,"  LOL. You guessed it, I am not very techie.

My scrapbook task for the day was Christmas memorabilia, such as cards, family letters, photos, and holiday anecdotes. What to do with such a large amount of shared love can be daunting. My method includes reading through all of the notes, writing the family names and date on the back of photos, and then begin the weeding out. Yes, I am sorry to you who send us cards, I do weed through each year and recycle.

Once the sorting and tossing has been done, I then group items by family first into separate piles, friends next. I am pretty quick on these layouts, as I merely glue down the photos and memorabilia. I have made pocket pages in the past.

Please share in the comments below how you work with Christmas memorabilia in your scrapbooks.


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