Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Scrapbook Process - Cropping Photos (July 2016)

Hi Paper Crafters,

Today was a non-scrappy day as I had some family commitments. Thus, I do not have any photos to share, but rather some ideas on how I crop my photos.

I have been an avid scrapbooker now for about 22 years. The 50+ albums in my home were started under the Creative Memories style of cropping. We used circle/oval cutters for most of our photos at that time. The scrapbooking world, as most crafts, etc, has evolved several times in the way photos are cropped and mounted on our pages. My game plan is to NOT go back and re-scrap what I have already completed, as it fits the time of my scrapbooking and various styles. This I believe is very reflective of me and the time, again a memory to keep and treasure.

Where I am now with cropping begins with my photo editing. I did mention in my first scrapbooking process blog that I do tend to become frustrated with the Costco photo editing, as it cuts off things sometimes I would rather not. I currently do not have a backup processing plan. I still consider this point "A" for my cropping.

Once I have received the photos, I print them as 4x6, I then choose whether I want to mat the photo/s or not. If I do decide to mat the photos, I will cut about a 1/4" off two sides (one long and one short side) making the photos smaller than 4x6 for matting. Why, because I have cut a lot of cardstock in a wide variety of colors into 4x6 mats. These mats are stored in my craft area for ease of matting my photos. The point of this is to eliminate a lot of cutting when I am ready to actually scrapbook. When I am in the mood to get a layout done, I do a lot better when the steps are few. I do not only use my photos in the 4x6 format, I do print 5x7 as well.

Yes, I do vary the sizes of my photos. This will typically be photos that I have cut down from a 4x6 to another size that fits to my page. Mats will then be cut accordingly from either my existing 4x6 mats or from a new piece of cardstock.

How do you like to crop? Any tips you would like to share with us?

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