Sunday, July 17, 2016

Scrapbook Process - In The Beginning (July 2016)

Hi Paper Crafters,

Today I am not sharing an actual scrapbook layout, but rather my process for getting to the point of creating one.

My "go to" for photo processing is currently Costco. My only complaint is that photos do not always fit within their cropping edit lines. It tends to make me a bit frustrated when I have to choose what part of the photos I will have to crop out. Any suggestions on a better processing resource?

Once I have my photos home, I break them out into piles according to date, event, person, etc. I am a huge chronological scrapbooker. I do have theme albums, however they are limited to school and sports albums for my boys.

Then we come to the memorabilia which goes with photos, or not, if no photos were taken. Yes, I keep pretty much EVERYTHING.  I have a plaque in my craft room which says "If it's not in the scrapbook, it didn't happen." So very true of myself. My memory does not serve me well, that is where the scrapbooks come in handy for both photos and memorabilia to remind me of all things in our lives.

Where do such things go in chronological order to await their time to be put in a scrapbook for ease of viewing? The "free" copy paper boxes from assorted family and friends (thank you to those of you who lug these home for me). Now true confession... Do you see the MANY copy paper boxes?! Those are dated back to 2005! Yes, 2005. The year I became a college student after getting my kids off to elementary school, and then on to a career as a middle/high school teacher.

I used to brag about being so caught up with my scrapbooks to the roll of film (yes, canister film) in my camera. Long gone are those glorious days. This brings me to my summer challenge... Get To Work On Those Memories!

Who is in, join me for this challenge? You do not have to be creative on each and every page, what matters is getting the photos and memorabilia into a safe housing (acid free scrapbooks). Please join me in working on trying to pick away at your "copy paper boxes" full of photos and memorabilia.

Here's to us being productive together!

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