Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Scrapbook Process - Loading a Post Bound Album (July 2016)

Hi Paper Crafters,

A monumental day for the Ferguson clan's year 2013! The page protectors have been stuffed and loaded on to the posts of my Close To My Heart (CTMH) albums.  Color of choice, pink, for no particular reason other than I had two pink ones to fill. I attempt to make one full year of photos and memorabilia fit in two albums (crossed fingers). I made it for 2013 with a small assortment of memorabilia which I will not be placing in these albums. I do have an archive of photos and memorabilia tucked away for any future use my family may have for them.

Helpful tips from today's endeavor for loading the page protectors in my albums (post bound):

  1. work chronologically - working from front to back by date of events (I do not do themed albums, everything goes in to one/two albums for the entire year)
  2. stay current - (ROFL) enough said
  3. use the tools available for album longevity - a) post extenders (1/2" or 1") give you more room to add to your post bound albums, you are not limited to the post provided by the manufacturer b) spine expanders allow for a large bulk of pages in your album without looking like an alligators mouth wide open (watch my YouTube video on how to use the spine expanders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LisSVi0204)
  4. Using the tools which are available will allow for more pages to be inserted in your albums. Even with the tools above, I still limit my albums to around 40-45 pages. Less if you are a huge dimensional embellisher
I always keep a supply of products on hand, at least an album ahead so I do not run out of what I need and stop production. You can find the page protectors, post extenders and spine expanders on my CTMH consultant website www.kimferguson.ctmh.com. You are also able to shop albums (post bound and D-ring), cardstock, adhesive, etc. on my website.

Here is a photo of my 2013 albums... No alligator mouth, Yay!

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