Thursday, June 29, 2017

Digital Image Project #9 - 2017 "Snail Mail" card (ft. LSHD)

Hi Paper Crafters,

How well do you keep up handwritten correspondence with loved ones? I see it becoming obsolete with all of our social media online. I miss receiving cards/letters from my grandma, I will forever recognize her handwriting and cherish anything I come across where she had jotted down a simple sentiment. My dad's writing was very distinct as well, so the same feelings warm my heart when I find a treasure with his strokes penned upon them.

As a paper crafter, it is my passion to create projects to share through the mail or a browse through my scrapbooks. So why is it I have a hard time getting a handwritten treasure in the mail? Because of the time it takes for the message to be received. We call it snail mail for a reason. Social media is instant, sometimes too fast.

Let me challenge us all to be a bit better at writing a note to someone you love and care about. There are many of our friends going through hard things, as well as celebrating big things. To start off the race, here is a "Snail Mail" card created from a freebie a few weeks back from Little Scraps of Heaven Designs. 

Jump on this band wagon and get to creating some cards.  And, write in them with your own handwriting to leave a legacy for those to come. It does matter...


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