Friday, July 7, 2017

Scrappy Tag 2017 - Videolift

Hi Paper Crafters,

While watching my daily YouTube subscription channels, I came across #scrappytag2017 videos. There were 15 scrapbook questions presented by Lisa of Pink Glitter Scrapper. I jumped on board when there was a general call to post answers to the questions. I was not tagged, but thought the list of questions were great for a means to share with you more about who I am. My last intro video is from 3 years ago.

I would like to tag merryscrapper

Here are the 15 questions, if you participate please give credit back to Pink Glitter Scrapper 

1) What is one scrapbook item you do NOT own, that surprises you?

2) If you were designing your own line, what 3 elements would be REQUIRED?

3) What ONE item is a must for you to finish a layout?

4) Most used social media influence, besides YouTube?

5) Who is your DREAM collaborator?

6) If money was no object, what would your first purchase be?

7) What do you have the most of in your stash?

8) Favorite item in your stash?

9) Most used item?

10) Where do you do your crafting? 

11) Layout or project you have been procrastinating on?

12) Layout, straight away or in a pile?

13) Scrappy Crush. Who would make you grin or just be so excited if they liked or commented on your project?

14) Favorite places to shop?

15) Dream job in the industry?


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